Hubris (thefirestarter) wrote in pristontale,

I shall begin the renewal!

Hey, guys. I've only posted here like, once. But I'm wanting to get back into Priston Tale and was wondering how many people were still alive here.

I've been trying & trying to get in using one of my n00b free characters, but Game.exe just happens to commit a runtime error every time it loads up to the alluring picture of the Priestess and the silly words I've already forgotten. My entire PC just freezes; I end up having to reboot.

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well i'm still playing, but i don't think i know you O.o;;

have you tried redownloading and reinstalling PT?
have updated it with all the patches to version 3.3.2?
Yes, I have. =(
try posting in the tech help sections of the various PT fan forums: (when it's back up) (website set up by the MissGuides in game)
Awesome; thank you!