Anderson (bleakcreation) wrote in pristontale,

I've been thinking about this for quite a while and haven't yet polled the PT community about it.

The Idea: A webcomic based on the "adventures" of gamers in an MMORPG setting. Yeah, it seems slightly cliche, but I've never seen a comic completely based on MMORPGs. (VGCats is just videogames in general.) Most of the comic would likely be using the PT world for a base. (Since that's the only one I've downloaded so far.)

Yeah. To get to the point, I'm just going to ask for your opinion on this. You know, would you read it? Is this a crappy idea and I should be shot and strung up by my toes? It could be pulled off but the legal side might get tricky?

Any and all comments are appreciated. ^^
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