<3 (katsup_404) wrote in pristontale,


Yea.. I tried to find out more info on the PT website, but it's being really vague and stuff. Well, first of all, if you DONT pay for PT do they delete your account or just not let you on? Because I have no problem paying for summer months... but I'm just not able to play over the school year... ^^;

And about this play until level 39 for free... thats like.. forever right? :) Because i'm level 38 with my atalanta [25% to next lvl.. lucky me D:] but I can still play with my other characters... right? for free? Gah.. it's sort of confusing ^^;;

I wish PT had what RO has... pay 7 dollars for 30 hours... XD I'd use that for the 6 months of the school year x_x If anyone could help me figure out whats going on... i'd love you forever :D?
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